About The Filmmakers

Kira Sass

Kira Sass – Co-Director/Co-Producer

Kira Sass is a producer and filmmaker. She finds the power of films to educate and communicate to be unparalleled. Her varied experience includes experimental filmmaking, corporate projects and documentaries. She enjoys exploring topics such as philosophy, spirituality and human behavior.

Chris Olsen

Chris Olsen – Co-Director/Co-Producer

Chris Olsen is a PhD student at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. He is completing his dissertation on the history of lucid dreaming. For the past several years, Chris has run weekly lucid dreaming groups that are open to the public. He lives in Mountain View, California.

Jordi McFife

Jordi MacFife - Editor

Jordi MacFife is an editor and a documentary filmmaker. He has three years of experience in editing, motion graphics and sound design and has worked on documentary, narrative and corporate projects. Jordi is passionate about using documentary film to tell the real stories of people and places that otherwise go unnoticed or unseen.